As a Productivity Coach, I know the weight that mindset plays in productivity and energy management. Journaling is part of my coaching practice with 1:1 clients and the benefits I've seen are ASTOUNDING. I'm releasing this journal to those who aren't in a position to work with me 1:1, but still want to take steps in the forward direction and create positive shifts in their mindset.


After 30 days, you can expect to experience some, if not all of the following known benefits of journaling:


Increased Focus

Increased self-awareness

Enhanced Mood

Lower Stress Levels

Clarity on greatest desires in life

Clarity on values


Also, this 30-day Gratitude Journal is FULL of bonuses inside like the 63 day habit tracker, positive affirmations sheets and the daily reflection pages. 


This is the first edition of this  journal and is a downloadable file, perfectly sized for printing at home or at a print shop. For better consistancy in following through with the whole journal, print in color.


Gratitude Journal